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创业与企业发展 第171期:有纪律性

Right? Everything outside of that is basically kind of luxury, so focus on your primaries as much as possible. 否则的话,占用这么长的时间去处理就太浪费时间了因此还是尽可能去关注重要的问题 And, as a result, our ten person team did far more than many, many other companies, as a result. 因此,我们这个仅有10个人的团队要比其他大公司做的事情多多了 But, it takes extra work to make remote working happen. 但是,要想让远程办公真正起作用要做很多 We are an extremely disciplined sort of team. 我们的团队非常的有纪律性 And I would have to say there's almost not many YC companies that actually have been able to replicate sort of what we do. 我敢说,YC的其他公司都不可能做到我们这样 I think there's only two other companies in YC that sort of have the same sort of discipline working style. 我觉得,YC里只有两家公司的纪律性能够和我们相媲美 It takes more work in a very different fashion. Right? 其他的风格需要更多的工作 An office allows you to be a little bit lazier, right, in terms of all these things around productivity. 在办公室里办公可能会偷点懒 Okay. Over here. Right. 好的,那位同学,好的 Just to go off that question as the leader of the team how did you manage to instill a company culture 我的问题是,作为团队的领导人你是如何打造企业文化的 but and also the count accountability the employees especially cuz. 还有,如何分配员工责任 Working space. Okay, how do we, how do we set up accountability for employees? As, as a manager. 以及工作空间。嗯,作为一个领导者是如何,给员工分配责任的? Alright, so, at Wufoo we were profitable nine months after launch, so, we had profit sharing, right? Wufoo上市后九个月我们就开始盈利了因此我们有分红机制 And so, it makes pretty simple and clear. 非常简单清楚 It, it would be a multiple of whatever bonus pull that we sort of had, and the performance measures would be based on sort of, how they did in customer support. 我们有多重奖励机制根据大家的表现,做客服的表现进行衡量 All right, on their duties there, and sort of what they said they were wanting to accomplish or do. 通过任务的完成情况以及目标来衡量 I don't like process, and I don't like lots of tools to help get people to be productive. 我不喜欢用很多工具让迫使员工工作 So the only thing that we had for helping people manage, like, sort of their projects, is to-do lists. 所以我们的方法就是列出他们的工作计划 And that is, like, simple text files that we shared in our Dropbox account. 也就是说是一个很简单的文本文档,在我们的Dropbox共享文档中 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536365.html