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Still, Rolls argued, there was a responsibility to work for better alternatives. 并不算罪恶但Rolls也提出当时人们也有责任寻求更好的替代方案 Perhaps torture could improve over a worse response, 可能酷刑并不是最糟糕的做法 it is hard to imagine what worse response might possibly be thought the only realistically available alternative today. 但是很难想象人们还能想到如今还有什么更糟的做法会比酷刑更实际可行 That is not the usual argument of torture proponents; 这并不是酷刑支持者们通常会提出的论点 that is the interrogators are not allowed to torture they will do even worse. 他们一般不会说如果不允许审问者酷刑他们会有更糟糕的做法 The argument is usually that others will do to us something worse, mass murder for example. 他们的观点通常是如果我们不酷刑别人就会对我们做出更糟糕的事比如大屠杀 An exception is Alan Dershowitz who argues that his torture proposal would improve on a worse current practice. 不过也有例外 Alan Dershowitz提出酷刑比起如今某些审问做法而言 I'll return to that. I think the structure of his argument is right 是更好的我后面会再细说我觉得他论证的结构是正确的 and that his concerns are valid although I don't think his argument succeeds. 他的关切是正当的但我并不觉得他的论证是成功的 Torture proponents today often deny that the rough interrogation they support is torture. 酷刑支持者如今常常拒绝承认他们所支持的严厉询问就是酷刑 When torture was not clandestine, people knew torture was 酷刑公开进行的时候人们知道什么是酷刑 but today's rough techniques mark execution, water boarding, death threats, put in isolation and so on are not public 但是如今严厉询问的各种技巧模拟死刑坐水凳死亡威胁孤立等等都不会公诸于众 except when they are exposed as a scandal as in the case of Abu Grabe. 除非像Abu Grabe的案例那样作为丑闻 They needn't leave no visible scars or even require physical contact 被揭露出来这些逼供做法并不会留下可见的伤疤甚至不需要肢体接触 hence the philosophical issue. What does torture mean? 因此就成了哲学问题酷刑到底是什么意思 Attention to that issue helps reveal what is evil about torture. 关注这个问题就能帮我们揭开酷刑到底有什么罪恶之处 Current debates are conducted almost entirely from interrogators perspective to the neglect of the interrogated and of the relationship between torturer and tortured. 如今这方面的讨论几乎完全是从审问者的角度出发的忽略了被审问者以及审问者和被审问者之间的关系 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536385.html