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Since interrogators appear the only free agents in the case that might be though right. 由于审问者看起来是酷刑里唯一有自由的一方这种忽视可能也没有错 Yet the agency of the interrogated should not be neglected, every one should read accounts by survivors. 然而被审问者还是不应该被忽视所有人都应该读一读那些酷刑的 One such account is by philosopher Jean Améry. Born in Vienna as Hunts Mayer, 幸存者的描述哲学家Jean Améry就是一例他出生在维也纳 Marie was captured working for the resistance and tortured by Nazis for information he did not have. 由于为秘密抵抗组织工作被捕遭到纳粹的酷刑逼问他并不知道的信息 Emerging from the holocaust as John Marie, he wrote of his ordeal of the struggle and the invention of the inquisition. 从这场浩劫中幸存的他写下了自己所遭受的酷刑 If you've seen the recent film 'Goya's Ghosts' this torpedo is portrayed in that film. 以及各种审讯你们可能看过一部叫做《戈雅之魂》的电影里面就描述了 In this torture, your hands are tied behind your back and you are hoisted by them with a rope on a pulley. 这种酷刑在这种酷刑里你的双手被反捆在背后被绳子吊在 This dislocated your shoulders causing excruciating pain. 滑轮上这会让你的肩膀脱臼造成极大的痛苦 Torture is from the Latin word 'torqueri' which means to twist. 酷刑这个词的英文来自拉丁语愿意为扭曲 Marie quips, 'what visual instruction in etymology he was horse whipped in that position. Améry讥讽道这个词源给了他们视觉引导他这样被吊着挨马鞭抽打 Yet his focus is not physical pain but the psychological impact, 但是他关注的不是生理上的痛苦而是心理上的影响 specifically what he calls one's basic trust in the world. 具体说来也就是一个人对世界的基本信任感 Marchievelli, who's been mentioned by an earlier speaker. 之前有一位发言者提到的Marchievelli not the most trusting man was also a survivor of this torpedo as a young man, 那个不信任别人的人 that may have something to do with his outlook. 也是这场浩劫的幸存者他的观点就是受了这种酷刑的影响 A more abstract and analytical essay also an exception to the neglect of the tortured is Henry Shuitz 1978 essay on torture. Henry Shuitz在1978年写了一篇关于酷刑的论文也注意到了研究者对于酷刑的忽视 That was the year that Marie died. Améry也正是在这一年离世 Both Marie and Shiutz spotlight the relationship between tortured and torture. Améry和Shiutz都让公众开始注意酷刑者和受刑者之间的关系 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536386.html