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Dalian Wanda, China’s largest commercial property group, said it plans to pivot away from its core property development activities, as part of a $5.4bn deal with some of the country’s biggest tech groups designed to ease pressure on its cash flow. 中国最大的商业地产集团万达集团(Dalian Wanda)表示,它打算退出核心的房地产开发活动,这是它与中国几家大型科技集团达成的54亿美元交易的一部分。万达此举旨在缓解其现金流方面的压力。 A consortium led by Tencent and ecommerce company JD.com together with property developer Sunac and retail company Suning has taken a 14 per cent equity stake in Wanda’s main subsidiary, Dalian Wanda Commercial Property for Rmb34bn ($5.37bn). Wanda hailed the transaction as a strategic shift which would see the property unit shift from a development role to a management company. 由腾讯(Tencent)和电商企业京东(JD.com)牵头、携手房地产开发商融创(Sunac)和零售商苏宁(Suning)组成的一个财团,斥资340亿元人民币(合53.7亿美元)收购了万达主要子公司大连万达商业地产(Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties) 14%的股权。万达称赞这笔交易是一次战略转型,将把这个地产业务子公司从开发商转型为管理公司。 To emphasise the change Wanda announced it would change the name of the subsidiary that owns the majority of its land reserves and real estate to Dalian Wanda Commercial Management. 为了强调这一变化,万达宣布将把这家拥有其大部分土地储备和房地产的子公司更名为万达商管集团(Dalian Wanda Commercial Management)。 Its rationale for the transaction, however, appeared to be as much about financial restructuring. The company confirmed the 14 per cent stake involved in the deal was held by private investors who backed Wanda’s $4.4bn delisting of its main property arm from the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2016. 然而,该笔交易的逻辑似乎也在于财务重组。该公司证实,这笔交易涉及的14%股权本来由私人投资者持有。当大连万达商业地产2016年从香港交易所(HKEx)退市时,这些私人投资者支持了万达的44亿美元退市交易。 As part of that deal, Wanda had agreed to start paying those investors up to 12 per cent annual interest on their investment, if the property business, which is the biggest owner of shopping malls in China, had not relisted on the mainland by September 2018. 作为退市交易的一部分,万达同意,作为中国最大购物中心所有者的大连万达商业地产,如果到2018年9月还不能在中国内地上市,万达集团将开始按投资额向这些投资者支付高达12%的年利息。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536426.html