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趣味建议React 第17期:有两个女友怎么办

Bernard Trapp wants to know: 伯纳德·特拉普想知道 "What do I do if I have two girlfriends? Do I tell them or nah?" “我有两个女朋友,我应该怎么办?我应不应该告诉她们? Whoa! Double your pleasure, double your fun. 哇哦!加倍愉悦,加倍快乐。 I'm an honest person, so I suggest you do tell the truth. 我是个诚实的人,所以我建议你说实话。 Yeah, come clean, son! What? Why do you even have two girlfriends? 你要说实话!你为什么有两个女朋友? Yeah, just tell them. Or just dump one of them. 告诉她们实情。或者与其中一个分手。 If you want to live, I suggest no. 如果你还想活命,我建议你不要告诉她们。 Why would you tell them? Are you an idiot? You'll lose them both and you'll get a load of crap! 你为什么要告诉她们?你是白痴吗?如果你说了,你会失去她们两个人,而且还会面临大量非议。 Don't tell either of them. Pick your favorite, drop the other one, and move on. 不要告诉她们任何一个人。选择一个你最喜欢的,和另一个分手。继续和你喜欢的人交往。 You should definitely not tell them, first of all. And then you should make a decision whether you want to keep the two or you want to get rid of one and keep the other one. 首先,你一定不能告诉她们。然后,你应该决定你是想继续和她们两个交往,还是选择其中一个,跟另一个分手。 You gotta make a decision there, good buddy. 哥们,你要做出决定。 Either pick one or none. 是选择其中一个,还是两个都不选。 Yes! You have to find one that you like or break up with both. 你要选择你喜欢的那个人,或者和两个人都分手。 Decide which one is smarter, and is kinder, and that's who you stick with. 决定哪个更聪明更善良,你想和谁在一起。 Just break up with the one you don't like as much. Why do you have two girlfriends? 和你不那么喜欢的那个分手。你为什么会有两个女友? Thecouchpotatoes13-good name. 下面是来自Thecouchpotatoes13的提问,这是个好名字 "How do you 'be' the very best like no one was ever was?" “怎么能成为最优秀的人,如何成为有史以来最优秀的人? Oooh! Pokemon. 哦!《宠物小精灵》。 I don't even understand that question. 我都不明白这问题是什么意思。 What you need to do is follow DJ Khaled on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. 你要做的是在Snapchat、Instagram和推特上关注DJ Khaled。 Make sure that you're different than everybody else or try to have a different approach than what other people are doing. 确保你和其他人不一样,努力做和其他人不一样的事情。 Don't compare yourself to others, but compare yourself to who you were yesterday, and try to beat that person. 不要拿自己和其他人比较,要拿现在的自己和以前的自己比较,然后打败以前的自己。 Well, if you're good at something, and something you like, then try and be the best at it. 如果你擅长某事,或者你有喜欢的事,你要努力将那件事做到最好。 Whatever you do, you should do the best you can regardless, you know, the difficulty. 无论你做什么,不管遇到什么困难,你都要尽你所能。 Be successful. Get a college education. 成功。接受大学教育。 You keep workin', and workin', and workin' as hard as you can until you're better than everybody else. 坚持工作,尽可能努力工作,直到你成为比其他人都优秀的人。 You have to catch them all! It says so-it says so in the song. 你要收服所有人!就像《宠物小精灵》主题曲唱的那样。 You have to get a red and white hat first. 首先你要买个红白相间的帽子。 Get the practice. You have to catch a Pikachu. Practice, and practice, and practice and do tons of battles. 练习。你要收服皮卡丘。练习,训练,坚持训练,进行多次战斗。 Have your own theme song. Like, that's the best theme song ever made. Yes, I know the reference. That's embarrassing. 制作自己的主题曲。《宠物小精灵》的主题曲是有史以来最棒的主题曲。我知道这个参考。这有些尴尬。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536495.html