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恶魔城(Castlevania) 第01季 第04集 第07期

是的 他的目的和我相同 Yes, and his goal is mine-- 即保卫人民 to stand up for the people. 好 Good. 很好 Very good. 一个吸血鬼猎人和一个魔法师 A vampire hunter and a magician. 你们会办到的 You'll do. 我是阿德里安·特佩斯 I am Adrian Tepes. 瓦拉几亚人熟知的阿卡多 Known to the Wallachians as Alucard... 弗拉德·德古拉·特佩斯之子 son of Vlad Dracula Tepes. 我已在格莱士地下的私人城堡沉睡了一年 I've been asleep here in my private keep under Gresit for a year, 为了治愈我父亲造成的创伤 to heal the wounds dealt by my father 我曾试图阻止他释放恶魔军团 when I attempted to stop him unleashing his demon armies. 你就是沉睡武士 You are the sleeping soldier. 我知道这些故事 I'm aware of the stories. 我也知道神谕团 I'm also aware that the Speakers 把这故事看作是来自未来的信息 consider the story to be information from the future. 你知道整个故事吗 Do you know the whole story? 是的 Yes. 沉睡武士会与一个猎人和学者相遇 The sleeping soldier will be met by a hunter and a scholar. 没人告诉我这个 No one told me that. 你认为为什么我的祖父 Why do you think my grandfather tried everything 想尽办法让你留下来 to make you stay? 我讨厌神谕者 I hate Speakers. 那现在怎么办 So, what happens now? 我需要一个猎人和一位学者 I need a hunter and a scholar. 我需要有人帮我一起拯救瓦拉几亚 I need help to save Wallachia... 或许拯救这个世界... perhaps the world... 然后打败我的父亲 and defeat my father. 为什么 Why? 因为这是我母亲过去希望的 Because it is what my mother would have wanted. 最终 我们都是... And we are all, in the end... 在我们家族意愿下的奴隶 slaves to our families' wishes. 你会帮我们杀死德古拉并拯救瓦拉几亚吗 You'll help us kill Dracula and save Wallachia? 我父亲必须死 My father has to die. 我们三个... We three... 我们可以毁灭他 we can destroy him.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/Castlevania-01-04-7.html