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浮生若寄(Crashing) 第01季 第02集 第08期

今晚登台的第一位表演者 your first performer of the evening... -他叫什么名字 -我不知道 - What's his name? - I don't know. 瞧 他来了 Here he is! 奥尔巴尼的朋友们 大家今晚过得怎么样 Hey, Albany, how you doing tonight? 让我们来为出门看这场表演鼓个掌吧 Let's give it up for ourselves for coming out! 能麻烦把麦打开吗 能把麦... Can we get this on, please? Can we get the mic... 声音来了 There we go. Hey! 好了 Hey! All right! 奥尔巴尼的朋友们 Albany! 谢谢大家今晚为了美好的理由 Uh, thanks for comin' out, everybody, 来看这场表演 and, uh, for a great cause. 大伙们来为乳腺癌义演鼓个掌 You guys, give it up for Haha's for Tatas. 这就是今晚的主题 That's what tonight is all about. 我很喜欢奥尔巴尼 这里全是"美女" I like Albany. It's all of the "Bany." 不止一些 我喜欢 It's not some of the "Bany." I like that. 我并不是种族主义者 Uh, I'm not racist, 但你们觉不觉得在三K党的首次会议上 but do you think at the very first meeting of the KKK, 有人试图争取过把"Klan"改为正确的拼法 anyone there pushed for the correct spelling of "Klan"? 当时有个家伙 I like to think there was one guy there, 穿着背带裤 没穿衬衫 举着个火炬 overalls, no shirt, holding a torch, 这错误的拼写让他在后排简直抓狂 就好像 it's just driving him crazy in the back. Just like... "应该是KKC" 然后他们就把他干掉了 "It's K-K-C." And then they get him. 他们肯定会把他干掉的 There's no way they're not gonna get him for that. 很少有人讨厌错误拼写 It's a rare person who hates bad spelling 又讨厌异类 and people who are different. 好吧 Well, okay. 他们并没有全部经过实际测试 They're not all... road-tested. 我爱中餐 你们有没有... I love Chinese food. Do you guys ha-- 你们喜欢中餐吗 奥尔巴尼的朋友们 You like Chinese food, Albany? 不过中餐有时候有点令人困惑 It can be confusing though. -比如蟹网 -某个年轻小伙子的"精华" - Like crab ring-- - Cream of some young guy!来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/Crashing-01-02-8.html