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生活大麻烦(Disjointed) 第01季 第03集 第06期

简单来说 So, simply put... 你们帮我们宣传药房 in exchange for promoting our dispensary, 作为交换 我们提供你们所有的大麻 we will supply you with all your product. -但我们的大麻本来就是你家买的 -对 - But you already do. - Yeah. 免费提供 For free. 你们觉得呢 行还是不行 So, what do you say? Yes or no? 我还有一个问题 Well, I got one question for you. 你能看出来吗 混蛋 Can you see it, motherfucker? 请进 Come in. 玛丽亚进入了大麻传奇人物 And so Maria entered the inner sanctum 露丝·怀特菲泽·费尔德曼的内室 of cannabis legend Ruth Whitefeather Feldman. 玛丽亚 你在做旁白说明 Maria, you're narrating. 是吗 I'm doing that? 是的 对于新手来说很正常 Yeah. And it's very common with new users. 我会意地点点头 I nod knowingly. 我的天 那是你和吉米·卡特的合影吗 Oh, my God, is that a picture of you and Jimmy Carter? 是的 年轻帅气的吉米·厄尔 Yeah, good old Jimmy Earl. 那个人最爱三样东西 大麻 花生和失败 You know, that guy loved three things: Weed, peanuts and failure. 这让我想起了你 玛丽亚 Which brings me to you, Maria. 就在几天前 You know, just a few days ago... 你走进我的店 连咬一口大麻布朗尼都不敢 you entered my store afraid to take a bite of pot brownie. 我解释过我的减肥奖励用完了 I explained to you that I was out of Weight Watchers points. 对 还有昨晚 Yes. And then last night, 你一个人来参加大麻集会 you showed up alone at a cannabis rally, 带着这顶帽子跨坐在哈雷上 straddling a Harley wearing that hat. 很帅吧 看着 I know, right? Check it out. #飞行员 Number sign, "Stoner"! 亲爱的 你有中年危机了 Sweetheart, you're having a midlife CRIsis. 作为你的药贩子和萨满法师 And as your pot dealer and shaman-- 你是萨满法师 You're a shaman? 是的 还是拉比 Yes. And a rabbi. 拉比 犹太教老师 我强烈建议你缓慢地进入状态 I strongly advise you to just ease into this. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/Disjointed-01-03-6.html