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生活大麻烦(Disjointed) 第01季 第03集 第07期

没必要彻底改变你的生活 There's no need to radically change your life. 但我的生活太无聊了 But my life is boring. 就在昨天 我正在推我五岁的儿子荡秋千 Just yesterday, I was pushing my 5-year-old on the swing, 我心里想 康纳在荡秋千 and I thought to myself, "Sure, Connor's swinging, 康纳一会上升一会下降 而我哪也不能去 Connor's going up and down, but I'm not going anywhere. 我只能在这推他 像个傻逼 I'm just pushing him, like a sucker." -露丝 卡特有些不对劲 -不好意思 -Ruth, something's wrong with Carter. -Excuse me. 他像那样一动不动十分钟了 He's been frozen like that for ten minutes. 卡特 你还好吗 Carter, are you okay? 卡特 Carter. 怎么了 Yeah. 我只是 I just-- 我需要 I need to, uh, uh... 我得走了 I gotta go... 对 Yeah. 他正走向你的办公室 He's going towards your office. 他正走进去 关上门 He's entering the room, closing the door. 他在锁你办公室的门 He's locking the door to your off-- 玛丽亚 你又在做旁白了 Maria, you're narrating. 不好意思 I'm sorry. 我用懊悔的声音说道 I said, my voice tinged with regret. 你觉得这是创伤后应激障碍吗 Do you think it's a PTSD thing? 可能吧 我不是个医生 Probably. I'm not a doctor. 我也不是 你为什么要怪我呢 Well, neither am I. Why would you even accuse me of that? 卡特 我是露丝 你还好吗 Carter, it's Ruth. How you doing? 对不起 露丝 Sorry, Ruth. 我只是 需要些时间独处 I just... need some time alone. 没问题 只要你愿意 你可以整天呆在那 You got it. You can stay in there all day if you want. 如果你想听音乐 If you like music... 桌子后面的黑胶唱片有琼妮·米切尔的全集 I got the complete Joni Mitchell on vinyl behind the desk. 从《蓝》开始 然后是之前的 Start with "Blue" and then go backwards. 谢谢你 Thank you. 我还知道你不和人分享食物 Also, I know you don't partake... 但你可以看看我的一些藏书 but you might check out some of the books I have 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/Disjointed-01-03-7.html