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好电影 Good Movies

I like to see movies so much. When I have time, I spend most of the spared time on watching classic movies. Though some people believe that it is a waste of time to spend time on this amusement, actually, they are wrong. Watching movies is a good way to broaden our vision. A good movie always shows something about culture or social problems, so as to catch more people’s attention and help them to think about the problem. We can perceive the world through excellent movies. When culture shock happens, we will considerate what we always believe is right needs to be changed. Our viewpoint about the world gets improved and helps us to be a better man. Reading books may be boring for some people, while watching movie is a fun way to gain knowledge.  我喜欢看电影。我的大部分的空闲时间都花在看经典的电影上。尽管有些人认为这是浪费时间,实际上,他们错了。看电影是很好的方法去拓宽我们的视野。一部好的电影总是展示一些关于文化或社会的问题,这样可以吸引更多的人去关注、思考。我们可以通过优秀的电影,了解到世界文化冲击时,我们一直认为对的东西需要做出的改变。我们对世界的看法会得到改善,帮助我们成为一个更好的人。读书也许会有些无聊,对一些人来说,看电影有时是一种获得知识的有趣方式。来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/Good-Movies.html