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大群(Legion) 第01季 第01集 第13期

等等 我不是希德妮 Please, wait. I'm not Sydney. 不要忘记填你的处方 Don't forget to fill your presCRIptions. 等等 Wait. 等什么 Wait what? 你当时在场 You were there. 我在场 I was there? 没错 Yes. 你就是在医院门口从车上下来的那个人 You were the man in the car at the hospital. 好吧 我重复一遍 你是说 Okay, so I'm clear, you're saying 你进入一个女人的身体 after you entered the body of a woman 从一所病人都被神奇地 and escaped from a mental hospital 密封在自己房间里的 where all the patients 精神病院逃出去后 had magically been sealed inside of their rooms, 你认为你看到我从一辆车里出来 you think you saw me getting out of a car? 你不用装傻 Well, you don't have to be a dick about it, 那就是你 and, yes, it was you. 不 你错了 Hey, no, you're wrong. 其实那正是我们... In fact, that is one of the things that we-- 是我需要知道的事 That I need to know. 那天去医院的人是谁 Who were the people at the hospital that day? 不 不不不 你在说谎 No. No, no, no, no. You're--you're lying. -你想让我混乱 不 -大卫 - You're trying to confuse me, and--no. - David. -大卫 -不 - David. - No. 大卫 David! 大卫 David. 深呼吸 Just take a deep breath. 冷静下来 Try to be calm. 放松 大卫 Just try to relax, David. 马上释放毒气 The gas, now. 释放毒气 Use the gas. 释放毒气 Use the gas! 大卫 我的孩子 David, my boy. 我漂亮的孩子 My beautiful boy. 妈妈爱你 Mommy loves you. 她爱你 She does. 我的孩子 My boy. 大卫 David? 大卫 你在哪里 David, where are you? 不给糖就捣蛋 Trick or treat. 肯定会很好玩 小心 It's gonna be so exciting. Oh, careful. 好 你去吧 Okay. You can go ahead. 好 Uh-huh, yeah. 万圣节快乐 All right, happy Halloween! 你扮的什么 What are you supposed to be? 不给糖就捣蛋 Trick or treat. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/Legion-01-01-13.html