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BBC地平线 火星旅行者指南(Mars-A Traveller's Guide) 第01期

火星 Mars... 红色星球 ..The Red Planet. 许多科学家认为第一个登上火星的人 Many scientists believe that the first person to set foot on its surface 将诞生于我们这一代 is alive today. 也许这个人正在看这部影片 Perhaps it's someone watching this film? 也许就是你 Perhaps it's you! 如果是你 欢迎来到你的旅行者指南 If it is you, then welcome to your traveller's guide... 我们将指导你在何处登陆 ..A guide in which we will show you where to land, 何处生活 最重要的是 where to live, and, most importantly of all, 在那里欣赏哪些景观 进行哪些活动 what to see and do while you're there... 从参天的火山 ..From towering volcanoes... 到深不可测的大峡谷 ..To unfathomably large canyons... 以及地表蚀刻的神秘特征 ..And mysterious features etched on the landscape. 我们甚至会带你深入地下 We'll even take you deep underground. 《地平线》节目聚集了 Horizon has gathered together 全世界的顶级火星专家 the world's leading experts on Mars. 我从七岁起就对 I've been interested in space exploration 太空探索感兴趣 since I was seven years old. 我们询问每一个人如果有机会他们会去哪里 We asked each of them where would they go if they got the chance. 我们在地球上根本没有这样的东西 We don't have anything like this on Earth. 以及为了生存需要哪些东西 And what they would need to survive. 你需要采取措施保护自己不会爆炸 You need something to protect you from essentially exploding, 至少防止皮肤被撑开 or at least having your skin all stretched out 血液沸腾 and the blood boiling. 利用真实的图像与数据 Using real images and data, 我们将会带你领略太阳系中发现的 we will take you to some of the most jaw-dropping landscapes 最令人瞠目结舌的地貌 discovered in our Solar System... 站在边缘 Standing on the rim, 我想 "我会不会捡到一块石头 I wonder, "Could I pick up the rock that actually came from 就来自造成这一壮观奇景的物体呢" the object that formed this enormous feature?" 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/Mars-A-Travellers-Guide-1.html