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BBC地平线 火星旅行者指南(Mars-A Traveller's Guide) 第02期

这些地方会改变你对世界的看法 ..Places that may change the way you think about our own world... 地球之外存在生命吗 Is there life beyond the Earth? 这可能是人类有史以来提出的 This is probably one of the most profound questions 最深奥的问题之一 that's ever been asked by the human mind. 这次旅程会考验任何旅客的忍耐力 ..On a journey that will test the endurance of any traveller. 火星旅行 听起来很浪漫 Travelling to Mars, the idea sounds romantic, 但是这样的旅程可不适合胆小鬼 but, you know, the journey is not for the faint of heart. 下一个探索的黄金年代之初 At the dawn of the next golden age of exploration, 我们将会带你到火星前沿 we'll take you to the Martian frontier. 我等不及要看到 I cannot wait for the day 人类第一次在火星上行走了 I get to see people walk on Mars for the first time. 这就是《火星旅行者指南》 This is your Traveller's Guide to Mars. 地平线 火星旅行者指南 地球与火星的距离 5500万-3.78亿千米 半径 3396千米 表面重力 0.38G 地表平均温度 零下63摄氏度 地表气压 0.006标准大气压 火星发出的红光 The red glow of Mars 在夜空中无处不在 is an omnipresent feature of our night sky. 但只有近距离接触 But it's only when viewed up close 才能揭开这颗锈色行星的秘密 that this rusty planet really begins to reveal its secrets. 任何乘坐飞船 It promises to wow any visitor 花费七个月到达的旅行者 who's spent the past seven months onboard a spaceship 都一定会发出惊叹 travelling to get there. 除了我们的母星 Other than our home planet, 火星是我们最了解的星球 there is no world we know in such detail. 多亏过去50年中我们成功发射的 That's thanks to the numerous successful satellites and rovers 多架卫星与探测器 we've sent there over past 50 years. 它们拍摄的地貌 And the landscapes they've looked down upon 为我们讲述着惊人的故事 tell astonishing stories. 巨大的平原上千疮百孔的陨击坑 Vast plains, riddled with hundreds and thousands of craters. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/Mars-A-Travellers-Guide-2.html