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BBC地平线 火星旅行者指南(Mars-A Traveller's Guide) 第04期

因为你可以真正感受到 because you really get a sense of this mountain 这座山高耸入云 俯瞰大地 that's sort of towering high above us. 但古普塔教授不仅仅是来欣赏美景的 But Professor Gupta isn't simply enjoying the view. 好奇号火星车 2015年9月4日至18日 我们知道今天的火星是干燥 荒凉的 Today, we know Mars is a dry, desolate world, 但有图像显示火星并不一直是这样 but some images suggest that wasn't always the case. 盖尔陨击坑经历了一个漫长的筛选过程 Gale Crater was chosen as the landing site for Curiosity 才被选为好奇号的着陆点 after a very lengthy selection process. 火星轨道飞行器已经发现了 Orbiters had discovered evidence that 夏普山底部的岩石 the rocks at the base of Mount Sharp, 就是这里的这些岩石 so the rocks that we can see over here, 曾经含有结晶水的证据 had evidence for hydration. 火星勘测轨道飞行器和火星快车 在好奇号发射前很久 Long before Curiosity left Earth, 像这样的卫星图像就提醒我们 satellite images like this hinted 这个陨击坑远不止表面所见 there was more to this crater than meets the eye. 这张图的魅力在于 What's beautiful in this image 你可以看到这些峡谷 is that you can see these canyons or valleys 像是被刻进了陨击坑边缘 carved into the crater rim, 这完全能说明 and this is really suggestive 有水从陨击坑边缘流下 that water flowed down the crater rim 并侵蚀出了这些峡谷 and eroded these canyons. 其次 我们可以看到这些美丽的岩层 Secondly, we can see all these beautiful layers here 构成了夏普山的底部 that form the base of Mount Sharp. 这些岩层富含水合矿物 These layers are enriched in hydrated minerals, 也就是含有水的矿物 so those are minerals that contain water. 好奇号的任务是什么呢 Curiosity's mission? 找到水在火星上留下的蛛丝马迹 To follow the elusive trail of water on Mars. 所以从根本上来说 轨道探测器的图像 So, essentially, the orbital images 让我们知道了该去哪里找 provide us clues on where to go, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/Mars-A-Travellers-Guide-4.html