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得州午夜(Midnight Texas) 第01季 第01集 第13期

我不想这样 你也不会想的 I don't want that. You don't want that. 我觉得都好 I'm good either way. 我来因为我祖母的预感 I'm here 'cause my grandma got a feeling. 灵媒第六感 觉得我在这里能安全 A psychic feeling that I'd be safe here. 她的预感通常很准 Her reads are usually spot-on 但是希尔达也是骗子 这倒也是 but Xylda's also a pathological liar, so there's that. 希尔达 吉普赛人希尔达 Xylda? Gypsy Xylda? -你认识我的祖母 -是的 - You--you know my grandma? - I do. -她现在过得如何 -过世了 - How's she doing? - Dead. 一年前了 喉癌 Going on a year now. Throat cancer. 遇到了一个人想我 之后 After a run-in with someone who tried to kill me, 希尔达说我应该藏在这 Xylda said I should hide here. 你在躲谁 谁要你死 Who are you hiding from, and why do they want you dead? 其实是希望希尔达死 但是已经迟了 Really wants Xylda dead, but it's too late for that. 我想只剩下我来还这债了 I guess I'm the only one left to get payback from. 谁想伤害希尔达 Who'd want to hurt Xylda? 她搞诈骗 祛除诅咒和不吉利的东西 She ran scams, removed fake hexes, curses, 偷走并且花掉了两百多万美金 stole and spent more than $2 million. 还是不能解释为什么他和警长这么亲密无间 Still doesn't explain why he's so chummy with the sheriff. 是他们来找的我 They showed up my door. 我不想把我的秘密告诉他们 I didn't want to give them my secrets. 所以就把奥布雷的秘密给了他们 So I gave 'em Aubrey's. 我受够了这些问题 I-I'm done with the questions 以及被拳头打脸 谢谢 and getting punched in the face, thank you. 所以要么结束这一切 So either end it already 要么让我穿上衣服 or let me get dressed. 把他解开 Untie him. 他是我们的人 He's one of us. 几世纪以来 午夜镇 Midnight has been a haven 一直是我们这类人的避风港 for people like us for centuries. 有些 像希尔达 稍作停留再继续前行 Some, like Xylda, stop for a bit and move on.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/Midnight-Texas-01-01-13.html