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得州午夜(Midnight Texas) 第01季 第01集 第14期

其他 像我们 则在这里安家 Others, like us, make this home. 等等 这里的每个人都是... Wait, everyone here is.. -你是什么 -与你无关 - What are you? - None of your business. 奥利维亚是朋友 Olivia's a friend. 她 博博 是人类 但是思想开放 Her, Bobo, human, but open-minded. 你的祖母没有错 Your grandma wasn't wrong. 如果你可以忍受炎炎夏日和邻居们 If you can stand the summers and the neighbors, 那午夜镇是很安全的 Midnight is pretty safe. 只要你保持安静 As long as we're quiet, 警察和普通民俗容忍我们 但是... cops and regular folks tolerate us, but... 那个婊子的死扰乱了安静 The bitch dying isn't quiet. 引来了警察和媒体深入挖掘 And with the police and media digging, 很快人类就要举着火炬和草叉追杀我们了 torches and pitchforks aren't far behind. 有个问题 你说我们这样的人会被吸引来 Question: you said people like us are drawn here. 这个地方有什么特殊的 What's so special about this place? 午夜镇坐落在强大的神秘力量之上 Oh, well, Midnight sits on powerful mystical energy. 活人与死人的界限并不分明 The veil between the living and the dead is awful thin here. -哦 -怎么了 - Oh. - Oh, what? 我明白为什么希尔达这么喜欢这个地方了 Oh, I get why Xylda liked this place so much. 你需要我为你找一些涂脸的药膏吗 You want me to get some salve for your face? 不 我只想回家 No, I just want to go home. 当然 我为这次的小误会道歉 Of course. Apologies for the little misunderstanding. 这里通常是个安静和平的小镇 This is usually a quiet and peaceful town. 在找我吗 Looking for me? 所以是你杀了奥布雷 So you killed Aubrey 因为你发现了关于她的真相 because you found out the truth about her? 这里不欢迎你们 You're not welcome here. 因为我们知道关于你的真相 'Cause we know the truth about you. 你把武器和钱藏在了哪里 Where'd you hide the weapons, the money? 它们不属于你 告诉我... They don't belong to you. Tell me that...来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/Midnight-Texas-01-01-14.html