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特别的假期 The Special Holiday

It is known to all that Guangxi province is famous for its various culture, because there are many minorities. Recent years, the local government carry out a policy of taking a break on March 3rd, which makes it the special day for Guangxi Province. People can enjoy some shows which are full of local features, such as singing local songs, having dragon-lion dance and so on. This policy not only lets people take relax from routine work, but also makes people remember their culture. I am part of the local people and I am so proud of the variety. The different culture makes our country full of charm.  众所周知,广西以文化的多样性而闻名,因为广西有很多少数民族。近年来,当地政府实施了一项政策。三月三放假,这让这个日子成为广西特别的一天。人们可以欣赏当地的一些特色演出,比如演唱当地的歌曲,舞龙舞狮等等。这一政策不仅可以让人们从日常工作里得到放松,也可以让铭记文化。我是众多当地人的一员,我为此感到骄傲。不同的文化使得我们的国家充满魅力。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/The-Special-Holiday.html