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妈妈的味道 The Taste of My Mother

As a child, I am very looking forward to growing up, so that I can be independent and move out, doing whatever I want. I get tired of my mother’s babble. When I am playing computer games, she will ask me to help her with the house work or she will ask me to go to sleep more than 11 o’clock. If I refuse, her anger makes me feel scared. How nice it will be if I just sleep all the day and doing nothing at all. But after watching a movie, I realized my bad idea. In the movie, the boy got angry with her mother and went out of the house. He hanged around the street. When it was dark, he missed his mother’s food, the comfortable house, even her mother’s babble. The taste of a mother will be remembered by her child forever. It stands for happiness. 因为我是一个孩子,所以我很期待长大,这样我可以独立、搬出去,做我想做的所有事情。我厌倦了我妈妈的唠叨。每次我玩电脑游戏的时候,她就会让我帮她做家务或者超过11点钟,她就会叫我去睡觉。如果我拒绝,她就会生气,我会觉得害怕。如果我可以一整天睡觉,什么都不做,那该多好啊。但是看了一部电影后,我意识到我的想法是不对的。在电影中,男孩生妈妈的气,然后跑出去了。他在街上晃荡,天色暗下来后,他开始想念妈妈的菜和舒适的房子,甚至她妈妈的唠叨。妈妈的味道会永远会被她的孩子记住,代表着快乐。来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/The-Taste-of-My-Mother.html