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BBC地平线 何以为人(What Makes us Human) 第31期

每秒两千万像素 At 20 million pixels per second. 扫描一片要花十五分钟 然后扫下一片 This will take 15 minutes, and then we do the next one, 我们的这个数据库要做一万片 and we have 10,000 to do in this data set. 三个月的时间 That's three months. 简直是天文数字 不是吗 The numbers are just astronomical, aren't they? 就像是观察星系 数星星 It is like looking at galaxies and counting stars. 所以三个月后你们会得到一个立方体成像 So in three months, you will have imaged a cube, -差不多 -一个三维立方体 - Almost a cube. - a three-dimensional cube, 全方位测量了四分之一毫米的图像 which actually measures a quarter of a millimetre in each direction? 没错 差不多 That's right, roughly. 那么要做出一立方毫米的大小 In order to image a millimetre cubed, then, 就需要十六倍的时间 that would be 16 times. 对 大概四年 Yeah, so about four years. 那制作出整个鼠脑的三维成像要多久 Then how long to image a whole mouse brain? 那得乘上一千 Youd have to do that about a thousand times, 大概是四千年 so that's about, what, 4,000 years. 那制作出人脑的呢 OK, and how long to image a human brain? 那得再乘上一千 也就是... That would be a thousand times longer, so about... 四百万年 Four million years! 按这个速度 我有生之年是做不出来了 So not in my lifetime, at this speed. 杰夫 你要相信会越来越快的 Jeff, you've got to hope it gets quicker. 几百万年的时间刻度可能听上去很吓人 A multi-million year timescale may sound daunting, 但科技在不断进步 杰夫和他的团队 but technology advances, and already Jeff and his team 已经让我们对大脑内部的构造 are giving us an incredible glimpse 有了难以置信的了解 into the inner workings of the brain. 我让我的同事波比·凯斯特里 I've asked one of my colleagues, Bobby Kestheri, 拿着一片已经被静态扫描过的切片 to hold one of these wafers that is being imaged really still 这样我们好推进镜头 他非常勇敢 so that we can zoom up on here, and he's very courageous. 这真是一种奇妙的感觉 ..And that's an extraordinary thought in itself, 但我觉得 他成长为一个人 but I think the point at which he will really start to become human 是自然孕育与后天教育的共同作用 is the point where we get that interplay between nature and nurture, 是一个形成人类思想的过程 the process that really carves out a human mind, 而这一切都从出生开始 and that starts at birth. 来见见他 我漂亮的小男孩 And here he is, my beautiful baby boy. 他刚刚出生 He's very, very new, 当然还很脆弱 and he's certainly very helpless. 他也有一颗大脑袋 He's also got a big head. 他很有潜力 He is full of potential, 刚刚降生于这个世界 having emerged into the world, 他已经准备好学习如何成长为人了 and he's ready to learn to become a human being. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/What-Makes-us-Human-31.html