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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10] Unit 3 Please show me how to do this sum [00:05.88]A Let's read [00:09.85]Peter,Sue and Anne were in the craft class. [00:14.99]Mr Wu,the craft teacher, told the children how to improve their craft work. [00:22.15]"You must make a proper plan before you start,"he said. [00:27.92]"This is how you do it. [00:31.58]Draw a picture of your object on a piece of paper [00:37.15]and write the measurements down. [00:41.09]If you cut the pieces out correctly, [00:45.35]you will be able to put them together properly." [00:49.79]The children began to work.Unfortunately, they were not doing very well. [00:57.55]They had to ask the craft teacher to help them. [01:02.20]"Excuse me,Mr Mu," said Peter. [01:07.19]"Can you show me how to put the sides of my box together?" [01:13.12]"Certainly,"said Mr Wu [01:17.77]"Hammer these nails into the sides to hold them together." [01:23.12]"I'm trying to make a bowl,but the clay is too soft. [01:29.08]Please show me how to dry the clay." Of course,"said Mr Wu. [01:36.73]"Add some flour to the mixture.That will dry the clay." [01:42.90]"I'm making an apron for myself," said Anne. [01:48.17]"I've got my material and I've measured myself. [01:53.63]I've written the measurements here. [01:57.76]Please show me how to do this sum,Mr Mu. [02:02.80]Then I can finish the plan. [02:06.64]"First,write down the measurement from your shoulders to your waist. [02:12.21]Then add it to the measurement from your waist to your kness. [02:17.53]The answer will be the length of the apron. [02:22.29]Then measure your waist and divide the length by two. [02:28.56]The answer will be the width of the apron. [02:33.21]Write those numbers on your plan." [02:37.68]"Thank you,Mr Wu,"said Anne. [02:42.22]Denis Dragon [02:46.58]Tim was doing his maths homework. [02:50.42]Denis was bored. [02:53.66]He was watching Tim. [02:57.14]"What are you doing, Tim?" [03:00.48]"I'm doing my maths.I'm multiplying 65 and 73." [03:07.85]"Can you show me how to do that?" [03:12.39]"I'm sorry,Denis.It's too difficult.I can't." [03:18.03]"Please show me Tim.Please." [03:23.28]"All right Pretend that you've got 65 toes on each foot [03:31.15]How many toes have you got all together?" [03:35.22]Denis started to draw a picture of himself with seventy-three feet. [03:39.66]After a while,he stopped. [03:43.63]"You're right," said Denis. [03:47.71]"Maths is too difficult for me." [03:51.65]Words and expressions [04:01.40]improve [04:03.17]v.使更好,改善,增进 [04:04.95]object [04:06.88]n.物,物体;目标;宾语 [04:08.82]proper [04:10.44]a.适合的,适当的,恰当的 [04:12.06]able [04:13.73]a.有才能的 [04:15.40]unfortunately [04:17.16]ad.不幸地 [04:18.93]hammer [04:20.91]n.锤,榔头 [04:22.90]nail [04:24.78]n.钉子; [04:26.66]side [04:28.34]n.边;旁边;面;侧面 [04:30.03]clay [04:31.61]n.粘土,泥土 [04:33.19]apron [04:34.56]n.围裙,工作裙 [04:35.93]divide [04:37.97]v.分;划分;分配 [04:40.01]length [04:41.44]n.长,长度 [04:42.88]waist [04:44.36]n.腰,腰部 [04:45.83]width [04:47.66]n.宽阔,广阔 [04:49.49]can [04:51.16]n.罐头 [04:52.83]knit [04:54.11]v.编织 [04:55.39]tyre [04:57.22]n.轮胎,车胎(尤指外胎) [04:59.05]multiply [05:01.09]v.增加,增多;剩 [05:03.12]violin [05:04.74]n.小提琴 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180307/540571.html