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The Duke of Cambridge joked today that he is 'allergic' to selfies, but was happy to pose for a traditional picture when asked by a Norwegian royal super fan. 剑桥公爵(威廉)王子开玩笑的说道,今天自己是对自拍过敏了,话虽如此,他还是高高兴兴应一位挪威粉丝的要求,中规中矩地拍了张照片。 William's admission came as he met hundreds of well-wishers with Kate in a snow covered Oslo park as the second leg of their Nordic tour began in earnest. 威廉王子和凯特热情的开启了他们北欧之旅的第二站。也就是在白雪覆盖的奥斯陆公园里,接待了众多怀着祝福的民众。威廉王子同意和粉丝拍照。 The duchess, who is around six months pregnant and wore a luxury alpaca fur hat and a Catherine Walker coat, seemed to relish the chilly weather and told Christian Wallis, 29, originally from Bedford but now running hotels in the Norwegian capital: 'It's cold in a nice way, it's good to get proper snow.' 怀着六个孕的凯特王妃,头戴着豪华的羊驼毛皮帽子,身穿Catherine Walker的外套,抵御严寒。现年29岁的Christian Wallis来自贝德福德地区现在在挪威首都经营一家酒店,凯特王妃告诉她说:“现在冷得正式时候,略略地来点雪就更恰如其分了。” The couple were joined by members of the Swedish royal family during their walkabout and they happily shook hands, said hello to well-wishes and collected gifts from the crowds who had patiently waited to see the couple. 威廉夫妇和瑞典皇室一起参加了亲民会,他们之间相互握手,问候祝福,从那些耐心等待,想见皇室等人的人群中接过礼物。 William and Kate had earlier enjoyed a welcome lunch with King Harald V of Norway, his wife Queen Sonja and members of their family including Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit. 早些时候威廉和凯特和挪威国王哈拉尔五世、他的妻子宋雅王后、包括哈康王储和王储妃梅特玛丽特一起共进欢迎午宴,气氛融洽。 When he stopped in front of Kristin Larsen, 46, she held up her smartphone and asked for a picture, but William laughed and said 'I'm allergic to selfies'. 威廉在46岁的Kristin Larsen群众面前停了下来。这名众拿出手机,请王子和自己一起合照,但是威廉王子笑着说,“自己不太喜欢自拍。” His father, the Prince of Wales, regularly ducks out of selfie requests as does Prince Harry, but William suggested a picture and happily posed with the well-wishers. 王子的父亲,威尔士亲王和哈里王子一样喜欢要求别人一起自拍。当威廉王子被要求拍张照时,他还是高高兴兴地照做了。 Ms Larsen was overwhelmed following her encounter with the Duke and said with tears in her eyes 'I'm just so excited this is amazing I've been waiting here for hours and didn't think he would stop, I'm so glad he posed for a picture. Larsen女士对能够遇到威廉王子激动地热泪盈眶:“她说这实在是太激动人心了,我在这里等了好几个小时了,没想到王子会停下来,居然还和我合照了,实在是太棒了。 'I was in England when his grandmother was celebrating her 90th birthday so to meet her grandson and his wife is incredible.' “我在英国的时候正值他祖母(英国女王)90岁的寿辰,在这里能够遇到她的孙子和孙媳妇真是冥冥之中的安排,妙不可言。” William and Kate have spent the past two days visiting the Swedish capital, Stockholm, and before flying to Norway received a short briefing on Sweden's armed forces. 在飞去挪威参加听取瑞典空军简报前,威廉和凯特已经在瑞典首都斯德哥尔摩访问了两天。 William and Kate spent 40 minutes walking among crowds before being shown the Princess Ingrid Alexandra Sculpture Park - named after the 14-year-old royal - featuring sculptors designed by and for children. 威廉和凯特花了四十分钟穿越人群到达英格丽公主亚历山德拉雕塑公园,该公园是以14岁的皇室成员命名,里面的雕塑都是由孩子们设计,并供孩子们取乐用的。 At one point, the duchess revealed it was he mother Carole Middleton's 63rd birthday on Wednesday - the couple's last full day in Sweden. 这是,凯特透露,昨天也就是周三在瑞典行程满满的一天,其实也是她母亲Carole Middleton 63周岁的生日。 It is not known whether the duchess spoke to her mum by phone or celebrated with her early before starting her four-day Nordic tour. 对于王妃有没有和母亲通话,或者在四天北欧之旅之前就已经帮母亲提前庆祝过了,这点我们就不得而知了。 But on meeting TonjeTejera, 50, a hotel receptionist, and mum-of-four on her 50th, Kate said: 'Happy birthday - it's my mother's birthday yesterday.' 在接见现年50岁的酒店前台TonjeTejera时,她说,“生日快乐,其实昨天也是我妈妈的生日。” And William told her jokingly: 'Where is the party? I should come.' 然后威廉打趣她说道:“派对在哪里办的?我应该要去的呀。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/541994.html