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2016年英语专业四级听力真题 对话2

CONVERSATION TWO 对话2 Questions 6 to 10 are based on Conversation Two. 请根据对话2回答第6题到第10题。 W: It says a growing number of students are making a major hole from the minute they enter the real world 女:据说越来越多的学生一进入社会就开始还债了, W: because they are already, some of them, more than 100, 000 dollars in debt. 女:因为有些学生早就欠下了10几万美元。 W: With us now is Mark Spencer, he is the senior financial analyst for SBC Bank. 女:今天我们请到了SBC银行的高级金融分析师,马克·斯宾塞。 W: Welcome to you. 女:欢迎你。 M: Thank you. Nice to be with you. 男:谢谢,很高兴来到这里。 W: Now I guess there are two kinds of debts: good debt and bad debt. 女:债务分两种:良性债务和不良债务。 W: Where does this go? 女:学生债务属于哪一种? M: Well, student loan debt is traditionally considered good debt, 男:嗯,学生债务一般属于良性债务。 M: but the problem for many students and their families 男:不过,让许多学生及其家庭发愁的是, M: is that the cost of colleges has been going up at 6 to 8% a year, 男:大学学费每年上涨6%到8%, M: far faster than the income, far faster than the standard of living. 男:远远超过收入增长速度和生活水平提高的速度。 M: That means debt's taking on a bigger and bigger role in financing education. 男:这意味着借贷在提供教育费用中发挥着越来越重要的作用。 W: How much debt is too much debt for, for one student? 女:那么对于一个学生来说,过多的债务具体是多少? M: Well, one guideline is that you look at the first year's salary in your field after graduation, 男:嗯,有这样一个方法,统计一下一个行业里应届生的工资, M: and use that as a barometer, but even then... 男:用它作参照,不过即使…… W: Is that right? 女:这个方法有效吗? M: Well, you are talking big payments even in that instance, for example, 30, 000 dollars worth of debt. 男:这种情况下涉及的都是大笔债务的偿还,比如,3万美元的债务。 M: If you are gonna repay that over 10 years, 男:如果你要在十年内还完, M: you are talking more than 300 dollars a month at, in payments every month for 10 years. 男:每个月就要还300多美元,每个月都还,一共还10年。 W: But there're surely more than one way to get a loan for college. 女:但是获得大学费用贷款肯定还有其他方法。 W: There are government programs. 女:比如政府项目。 W: There are so many kinds of grants. 女:还有很多种补助金。 W: What's, what's the best advice for people who are looking for these loans to try to keep themselves from going under. 女:那么对于那些正在为这些贷款奔走的人,如何防止自己生活负担过重,有什么建议吗? M: I understand that loans are just one way of college finance. 男:我认为这些贷款只是支付大学费用的一种方式。 M: Take advantage of the other opportunities. 男:建议利用好其他机会。 M: Things like a college savings plan, let, let you save on a tax advantage basis. 男:比如加入学费储蓄计划,还可以获得有利税率。 M: So you can put money away in these accounts and withdraw tax-free to pay for that education. 男:你可以把钱存在这些账户里,取出的时候就不用交税,直接拿去交学费。 W: So it's important to start early and that really reduces that reliance on debt later. 女:所以早做准备很重要,这样后来可以少借贷。 M: Another thing, leave no stone unturned, looking at grants, scholarships, even on-campus jobs. 男:还有,不要怕麻烦,积极搜集补助金,奖学金或者校内兼职的信息。 M: I mean every dollar you get that way is seen as another dollar you don't have to borrow later. 男:这样你得到一美元,就少借一美元。 W: The kinds of jobs that so many students, the fresh off students, like to go into, er, charity stuff, volunteer work. 女:很多学生,尤其是刚毕业的学生,喜欢去做慈善团体或者志愿活动的工作。 W: This debt is eliminating a lot of that, isn't it? 女:现在由于债务,去做这些工作的毕业生少了很多,对吧? M: I think that's the social cost. 男:我认为这是社会应该负担的成本。 M: Really, I mean, you know, when you consider that, 男:真的,我是说,你想想, M: you know, people may pass up a rewarding career in charitable work, or non-profit organization 男:很多人会错过慈善工作或者非盈利组织中的非常有意义的工作, M: because they have to get a higher salary someplace else to pay off that debt. 男:只是因为他们要选择其他单位的高工资的工作来还债。 W: Yeah, that's for sure. Mark Spencer, senior financial analyst from SBC Bank. 女:对,那是自然。马克·斯宾塞,SOC银行的高级金融分析师。 W: Mark, good you could be here. 女:马克,感谢您来到我们这个节目。 M: Thank you. 男:谢谢。 Questions 6 to 10 are based on Conversation Two. 请根据对话2回答第6题到第10题。 Question 6. What is the interview mainly about? 第6题 这个访谈节目的主要内容是什么? Question 7. How does the cost of college education change every year? 第7题 大学教育费用每年的变化是什么? Question 8. What is used to measure student loan debt as a guideline? 第8题 可用作参考衡量学生债务的是什么? Question 9. What is the advantage of joining a college savings plan? 第9题 加入学费储蓄计划有什么好处? Question 10. What is the possible social cost of a college loan? 第10题 大学贷款可能会带来什么样的社会成本? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180403/547636.html