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2017年英语专业四级听力真题 听写

Learning Sympathy 学会同情 A big part of being human is feeling sympathy, but how early on in our lives do we learn this? Scientists find that babies respond to other people by crying when other babies cry. However, babies can't distinguish between themselves and others until they're eighteen to twenty months old. Toddlers start to show concern for others around this time. Kids also begin to do things like comforting other people. And by the time they're three, most children will try to protect a victim in a fight. 恻隐之心,人皆有之。但是我们是在哪个成长阶段开始,有了恻隐之心的呢? 科学家发现,婴儿在听到其他婴儿哭泣的时候,也会对人哭泣。但是,婴儿到18个月至20个月大的时候,才能区分自己和别人。蹒跚学步的小孩大约从这个时候开始表现出对他人的关心。同时孩子们也开始会做安慰他人之类的事。到三岁的时候,大多数孩子会想要保护争斗中弱势的一方。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180405/547951.html