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The english we speak(BBC教学)第349期:Donkey's years 很长时间

Why has Rob got a donkey in the studio?! It's probably got something with today's authentic English phrase which is about not doing something for a long time. How long will it take for Feifei to work out what it means? 为什么罗布要带驴来演播室?!这可能与今天要讲的地道英语短语有关,这个短语表示很长时间没有做某事。菲菲需要多长时间能了解这个短语的意思? Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. I'm Feifei... 菲菲:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是菲菲。 Rob: And I'm... Rob. 罗布:我是……罗布。 Feifei: Errr... sorry Rob. What did you say? 菲菲:呃……抱歉,罗布。你刚说什么? Rob: I said, I'm... Rob. 罗布:我说,我是……罗布。 Feifei: Right, and why have you brought a donkey into the studio? 菲菲:好吧,你为什么要带头驴来演播室? Rob: To help with today's authentic English phrase – which is... donkey's years. 罗布:为了帮助大家学习今天的地道英语短语——donkey's years。 Feifei: So is this about age and how I look like a donkey? 菲菲:这个短语是与年龄有关吗?我看起来像驴吗? Rob: Not exactly Feifei. The phrase comes from rhyming slang – donkey's years rhymes with donkey's ears, yes? 罗布:不是的,菲菲。这个短语来自同韵俚语,donkey's years和donkey's ears押韵,对吧? Feifei: Yes. 'Donkey's years' does rhyme with 'donkey's ears' – so you're saying my ears are like a donkey's? 菲菲:对,donkey's years的确和donkey's ears押韵,所以你的意思是说我的耳朵像驴耳朵? Rob: No. Unlike your ears, donkey's ears are long and when we say we haven't done something for 'donkey's years' we mean we haven't done something for a long time. 罗布:不是。和你的耳朵不一样,驴耳朵非常长,当我们说“很长时间”没有做某事的意思是,我们很久没有做过这件事了。 Feifei: Right. Good, so it's got nothing do with me looking like a donkey? 菲菲:好。很好,所以不是说我长得像驴? Rob: Absolutely not. Let's hear the phrase in action... 罗布:当然不是了。我们来听一下这个短语如何应用。 Examples 例句 I'm so bored; I've been doing this job for donkey's years! 我太无聊了,这个工作我已经做了很长时间了! I haven't driven a car for donkey's years; I hope I can remember what to do. 我已经很久没有开过车了;希望我还记得应该怎么做。 We've got to go to Lily's party; I haven't seen her for donkey's years so it'll be great to catch up. 我们要去参加莉莉的派对;我有很多年没有见过她了,所以叙叙旧还是很不错的。 Feifei: That's 'donkey's years' – when we haven't done something for donkey's years, we haven't done it for a very long time. So Rob, I could say we haven't been to the cinema for donkey's years? 菲菲:所以这个短语的意思是,我们很长时间不做某事,也就是我们很久都没有做过这件事了。罗布,我可以说我们很久没去过电影院了吗? Rob: Yes and you'd be correct. We haven't. Shall we go now? 罗布:可以,你说得对。我们很久没去过了。我们现在去吧? Feifei: OK. But does your donkey have to come too? 菲菲:好。不过你的驴也要和我们一起去吗? Rob: Oh look, he's very excited! 罗布:哦,快看,它现在非常兴奋! Feifei: Yuk! I can see... What's that on the floor? 菲菲:哈哈!我看到了……地板上那是什么? Rob: Ooooh yes! Perhaps we'll leave him shall we, clear that up later. Perhaps he could present some more programmes while we're away. 罗布:哦,是的!也许我们应该把它留在这里,一会儿再来清理。也许我们不在的时候,它可以多做几期节目。 Feifei: Ha – that is donkey work! Bye. 菲菲:哈哈,那可是单调又乏味的工作!再见。 Rob: Bye. 罗布:再见。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180413/549837.html