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在大人们面前表演 Perform In Front of The Adult

Most children have experienced such strange situation. When their parents meet some friends, they will be asked to show their talents in front of these adults. For girls, they will be asked to dance, while boys will need to play guitar or something else. The parents will be very proud if the kids perform well, but what they do is hurting the children’s feeling. It is the most awkward thing for children. They will feel like being a doll to make performance. Parents should stop seeking pride by such way. Giving some respect to children and parents will receive equal respect from children. The friend to friend relationship can be built.  大多数孩子都经历过这种奇怪的情况。当自己父母和一些朋友见面时,他们就会被要求在这些大人面前展示自己的才华。女孩来跳舞,男孩子弹吉他或者其他才艺表演。如果孩子表现好,父母会非常自豪,但他们这样做其实是在伤害孩子。这对于孩子来说是最尴尬的事。他们就像娃娃一样在表演。父母应该停止通过这样的方式来寻求自豪感。给孩子一些尊重,父母也会从孩子那里得到平等的尊重。像朋友间的关系才可以建立起来。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180414/Perform-In-Front-of-The-Adult.html