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神的礼物(Somewhere Between) 第01季 第02集 第09期

我会说什么 what would I say? 你们可以去看她了 You can see her now. 非常感谢 Thank you very much. 劳拉 我会说什么 Laura, what would I say? 我会说不行 I'd say no. 然后你就想得偷偷溜走 That you would think that you need to sneak away, 这都是什么逻辑 where does that come from? 我非要把你列入禁飞名单吗 Do I have to put you on the no-fly list? 命运是你的宿敌 你躲不了的 Fate is your enemy. You can't flee from her. 我妈还没张嘴说话 What about knowing what my mother was gonna say 我就知道她要说什么了 before she actually said it? 大家都知道自己老妈要说什么 Everybody knows what their mother's going to say. 不 珍妮 不是一回事 No, no, Jenny, not like this. 我说的是只字不差 This was exact. 可能就是某种似曾相识的感觉 Maybe it's some kind of long-term déjà vu. 似曾相识感可不包括 Déjà vu doesn't include shards of glass 黑松林湾水底的玻璃碎片 at the bottom of Black Pine Cove. 说得好像这是你第一次烂醉后 Like this is the first time you passed out 醒来发现莫名其妙有伤口一样 and woke up with mysterious wounds? 好好 听我说 All right. Okay, okay, listen. 我是断片儿王 I'm a black-out drunk. 喝得失忆 头脑一片空白 Black-out, as in nothing in the head. 为什么我却都记得 Why is my head packed? 你不会相信我在这里经历的事 You wouldn't believe the stuff I have in here. 关于你的事 Stuff about you. 快告诉我遇到一个好相处的女孩 Tell me I meet a humble everyday girl 恰巧还是位身价数十亿美元的对冲基金经理 who also happens to be a billionaire hedge fund manager. 七月份 你遇到一个叫杰梅恩的女孩 In July, you meet a girl named Jermaine 你以为她是真命天女 who you finally think is the one 直到你发现她往镜子上贴心灵鸡汤 until you find out she puts affirmations on her mirror. 这都是从哪儿来的 Where did that come from? 前三杯酒下肚你说自己都无法相信 Last three shots say you don't believe it yourself.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180418/Somewhere-Between-01-02-9.html