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神的礼物(Somewhere Between) 第01季 第02集 第12期

这事逃不了 只能拼了 You can't run. You have to fight. 你知道怎么做吗 And you know that how? 这不是你的神第一次 Not the first time your higher power 帮你倒带 hit the rewind button on you? 我知道这些是因为 I know that because... 她跟我说的 ...she told me. 她还说水会带走我生命中 She also told me that water will take away 最重要的东西 the most important thing in my life. 这是我未婚妻的母亲 马乔里 That's my fiancée's mother, Marjorie. 你怎么认识她的 How'd you know her? 我昨天在她店里见到她了 I met her in her shop. Yesterday. 不是现在的昨天 是之前的昨天 Not our yesterday, but yesterday yesterday. 我干不了 I can't do this. 他今晚会再杀一个女孩 He is going to kill another girl tonight. 你得阻止他 We have to stop that. 我不想管这些 I can't deal with this. 但我们知道 But we -- But we know that 她穿着一件带骷髅的T恤 she was wearing a t-shirt with a skull on it. -骷髅 -有证人在晚上11点到12点时 - A skull- And there was a witness that saw her 在一家俱乐部看到了她 11:00 to 12:00 p.m. in a club. 他记不清名字了 He -- He can't remember the name -但名字是P开头的 -P - but knows it begins with a "P." - "P"? 听着 Hey! Listen to me! 我不相信怪力乱神 I have never believed in any force of any kind or power, 但发生的这一切并不是偶然 but something has made this happen. 咱俩相遇 Pushed us together. 我丈夫起诉了你的兄弟 My husband prosecuted your brother. 万事从无巧合 Nothing is coincidence. 万物皆有联系 Everything is connected. -这是马乔里说的 -不不 - That's what Marjorie said. - No, no, no, 这不可能 there's no way this can all be happening. 不可能 There's no way. 我知道我遇到这种事的原因 I know why this happened to me. 是为了救我的女儿 To save my daughter. 你肯定也有原因 There has to be a reason this happened to you. 我才不信 I refuse to believe that the --来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180420/Somewhere-Between-01-02-12.html