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神的礼物(Somewhere Between) 第01季 第02集 第15期

监狱处于封锁状态 直到另行通知 Until further notice, this facility is in a lockdown situation. 能把手机还我吗 Can I have my cellphone back? 我要打个电话 I have someone I have to call. 现在不行 That won't be possible at this present time. 尼科 我不等你了 熊猫小子 汤姆 我就是想问问你还好吗 I'm just checking to see if you're okay. 塞丽娜还在睡觉 Serena's still sleeping it off. 呼吸深沉平稳 Her breathing's great. Nice and deep. 回个电话 Uh, call me. 我想你了 I'm just thinking about you. KMSS十号新闻台 KMSS News 10. 我是汤姆·普莱斯 Hey, it's Tom Price. 我妻子在吗 Is my wife there, please? 她今天下午打来说 She called this afternoon to say 她这几天来不了了 she wouldn't be in for a few days. 好的 谢谢 Okay, uh, thank you. 降落伞 垃圾处理 在里士满地区一家受欢迎夜总会后的垃圾箱中 Another woman was found in a Dumpster 又发现一具女性尸体 behind a popular nightclub in the Richmond District. 我看到她T恤上的骷髅了 I remember the skull on her T-shirt. 看一下这幅画像 Take a look at this sketch. 白人男性 棕色头发 长脸 Caucasian male, brown hair, long face. -你干嘛 -我在救你 - What are you doing- I'm saving you. 不需要你救 I don't need you to save me. 需要 别做蠢事 Yeah, you do. From yourself. 放开我 是他 他要把她带走了 Let go of me. It's him, he's gonna get her. 你乱挥枪会杀人的 You wave that gun around, you're gonna kill someone. 没人要杀人 我有那么蠢吗 Nobody's killing anybody. Do you think I'm stupid? 电击枪 Oh, a stun gun. 那塞丽娜真是太幸运了 Wow. That'll do Serena a world of good. -我可以将他电晕然后报警 -万一失败了呢 - It'll stop him while I get the police. - And what if it doesn't? 万一这让他知道 What if it just lets him know 有个疯女人要抓他怎么办 there's a crazy woman out to get him, huh? 你要是如约而至的话 Well, if you had shown up when you said you were going to --来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180421/Somewhere-Between-01-02-15.html