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神的礼物(Somewhere Between) 第01季 第02集 第16期

你为什么一定要用强 Why are you doing this the hard way? 她是在垃圾箱被发现的 She's found in a Dumpster. 在俱乐部外面的巷子里 In an alley outside the club. 好 Okay. 那我们去巷子等他来 So we wait in the alley, and when he shows up -- 看他扛着一个死去的女孩吗 With a dead girl over his shoulder? 那我们还能救谁 Whose life we could have saved? 他们走了 They're leaving. 你干嘛 What the hell? 你干嘛 What are you doing? 快报警 他是杀人犯 Call the police. He's a murderer. 他要杀你 He was going to kill you. 尼科 把这个疯子拉开 Nico, get this psycho off of me. 好了 他是无辜的 Okay, okay. It's okay. He's cool. It's okay. 你认识凶手 You know the killer? 他不是凶手 他叫查德·沃洛斯基 He's not the killer, he's Chad Wolofsky. 警校的同学 Classmate from the academy. 这也不能排除嫌疑 That doesn't mean it's not him. 相信我 他没这闲工夫 Hey, trust me, he couldn't kill time. 等等 他要袭击她 Wait, he was going to attack her, 他有武器 he has a weapon -- 正准备从口袋里拿出来 he was taking it from his pocket -- -我准备拿这个 -行了 - I was taking this out. - All right. 证明自己的身份 To identify myself 提醒她她可能有危险 and let her know she might be in danger. 你怎么知道的 How did you know? 你在这干嘛 What are you doing here? 监视 有个疯子打了举报电话 Stakeout, on some kind of crazy-ass tip that came in. 等等 是你吗 Oh, man. Wait, it was you? 谢谢 我得走了 Thanks. I got to go. 等等 Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. "白马王子"就交给我吧 Leave Princess Charming to me 你赶紧回去 里面比较安全 and go back in the club, where it's safe. 我就在这待着 我要找到他 I'm staying right here and watching for him. 你往左 我往右 All right, you take left. I'll take right. 你快回去 Go back in the club. 在里士满地区一家受欢迎夜总会后的垃圾箱中 The body of another woman was found in a Dumpster来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180422/Somewhere-Between-01-02-16.html