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美国语文第五册 第332期:妈妈的《圣经》

This book is all that’s left me now, 这本《圣经》,妈妈留下的唯一纪念。 Tears will unbidden start, 每当看见,禁不住泪水扑簌, With faltering lip and throbbing brow 双唇嗫嚅,痛苦的心在悸动, I press it to my heart. 珍惜万分,我将它捧在心窝。 For many generations past 追溯沧桑岁月,不堪回首, Here is our family tree; 庞大家庭树,清晰的家族脉络, My mother’s hands this Bible clasped, 相片上,妈妈将《圣经》紧握, She, dying, gave it me. 她永远离开了,将书留给我。 Ah! well do I remember those 啊!我清晰记得, Whose names these records bear; 《圣经》上,那多鲜活过去, Who round the hearthstone used to close, 壁炉边,家庭聚集的气息, After the evening prayer, 晚间祷告后,每天热烈话题, And speak of what these pages said 报纸上,时事奇闻轶事, In tones my heart would thrill! 历历如目,触手可及的震撼。 Though they are with the silent dead, 尽管,亲人们早已谢世, Here are they living still! 宛如昨天,热闹非凡的场景。 My father read this holy book 爸爸大声朗读,这本《圣经》, To brothers, sisters, dear; 兄弟姐妹,依偎他的身旁, How calm was my poor mother’s look, 窘困中的妈妈,神采飞扬, Who loved God’s word to hear! 急切期盼,聆听上帝声音, Her angel face,—I see it yet! 流水的日子,蜂拥而至, What thronging memories come! 万家灯火,难以磨灭的记忆, Again that little group is met 生死重逢, Within the walls of home! 我们再度相遇。 Thou truest friend man ever knew, 《圣经》,我最信任的朋友, Thy constancy I’ve tried; 那恒久的忠贞不渝。 When all were false, I found thee true, 即便世界,充满谎言欺诈, My counselor and guide. 唯一真诚的你,引我前行。 The mines of earth no treasures give 即便世界,所有金矿, That could this volume buy; 亦无法,替代你的珍贵。 In teaching me the way to live, 上帝,它教我如何处世豁达, It taught me how to die. 《圣经》,它教我怎样直面生死。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180510/556751.html