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《美少女的谎言》第03季 第276期:被耍了

Wait. You dumped his car in a lake? 等一下 你们把车沉到了湖里了 I panicked. 我当时都慌了 You're supposed to stop her from doing stupid things like this, 你应该阻止她做这种傻事 Not help. I tried! 而不是帮她 我试过了 I didn't know if it was Wilden or "A" messing with us, 我不知道是威尔登还是"A"在耍我们 So I just--I had to get rid of it. 所以我 我得把那辆车处理掉 Well, my money's on "A." 肯定是"A"干的 Or Wilden could still be alive 又或者威尔登还活着 and part of the "A" team. 而且他也是"A"的一员 Okay, so what does this mean? 好吧 这是什么意思 Is Toby dead? 托比死了吗 Did I do this? Is this my fault? 是我造成的吗 这是我的错吗 Don't go there. All right? 别那么想 好吧 Because we don't even know if this is true. 我们甚至都不确定这是不是真的 We do know that Toby 我们确定的是托比穿着 was wearing a black hoodie in Spencer's kitchen. 那件黑色连帽衫出现在斯宾塞的厨房里 So? 然后呢 So either "A" could have killed him "A"可能已经杀了他 because she knew he was gonna help us-- 因为她知道他会帮我们 Maybe he never was gonna help us... 或许他根本不会帮我们 And for some reason 出于某种原因 he just wants us to think that he's dead. 他可能只是希望我们认为他死了 Either way, Spencer needs to know about this. 无论怎样 得让斯宾塞知道这件事 Where is Spencer? 她去哪了 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180516/558357.html