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外贸英语话题王 第149期:台展搭建

Insolation 台展搭建 A: Did you the organizers build the stands? A: 摊位是由组织者建造吗? B: Generally, organizers provide basic shells or modules and then the exhibitors complete themselve And also the exhibitors can design and build their own stands from scratch ,We are doing in this case. B: -般来说,组织者提供基本的摊位外壳和单元, 参展单位自己布置完成。当然参展单位也可以自己从头开始设计建造 我们这一次就这么干。 A: Oh,no.I am afraid we can not construct the stands ourselves. A: 不,恐怕我们自己不能动手亲自建吧。 B: Of course,We will employ a firm of contractor ho specializes in stand construction and discuss the design of our stand with them in detail tomorrow. B: 当然。我们准备雇用一家专业公司作为摊 位建筑承包商。明天和他们详谈摊位的设计问题。 A: That's a good idea. A: 不错的主意 。 B: We have many things to be takes into our consideration range of products to be displayed amenities to be provided the number of staff on duty and so on,See to it that the estimate of the amount of space should be accounted. B: 我们有很多方面需要考虑:参展的产品范围、提供的服务设施、值班的人数等等。务必确保面积估计的准确。 A: When will the contracor produce the design? A: 承包商什么时候设计啊? B: After we book our space through the organizer. B: 在我们向组织者预订位置之后了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/525177.html