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科学美国人:Gut Parasites Have Their Own Gut Microbiomes2018-03-16
The whipworm lives in the human gut, mooching microbes from its host to build its own microbiome. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Drones Could Help Biologists Tally Birds2018-03-13
Counting by drone not only saves time and effort, but yields better data on species numbersmdash;a definite plus in terms of conservation. Karen Hopkin reports.
科学美国人:Saliva Protein Might Inhibit Intestinal Anarchy2018-03-11
A protein found in spit prevents bad bugs from binding to intestinal cells in the lab, pointing to a possible way to lower the chances of dysentery. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Searching the Heavens for Mountains2018-03-10
Exoplanet hunters are moving beyond simply finding new planets into trying to know what they look like and whether there's surface or subsurface activity.
科学美国人:Human Echolocators Use Tricks Similar to Bats2018-03-08
People who use echolocating mouth clicks to compensate for low vision increase the number and intensity of clicks when objects are harder to detect. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Animal Coloration Can Serve Double Duty2018-03-06
The cinnabar moth caterpillar's coloration pattern warns predators close up, but camouflages the critter from a distance.
科学美国人:Some Lichen Fungi Let Genes Go Bye2018-03-05
A study of 22 different types of lichens revealed that 10 included fungi that had lost a gene for energy production, making them completely dependent on their algal partner.
科学美国人:Big Cities Have Fewer Tweeters Per Capita2018-03-02
But those who do tweet in big cities are more prolificmdash;tweeting more often, on average, than their small-town counterparts. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:To See Gun Injury Drop, Hold an NRA Meeting2018-03-02
When the National Rifle Association holds its national convention, gun injuries drop 20 percentmdash;perhaps because fewer gun owners are around their guns. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Undersea Recordings Reveal a Whale's Tale2018-02-25
By eavesdropping on the calls of blue whales, researchers hope to get a more accurate picture of the massive mammals' distribution and abundance. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:How Baby Birds Learn to Duet2018-02-25
Recordings of songbird duets reveal that baby birds learn conversational turn-taking like we do: gradually, and from adults. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Needed: Info on Biodiversity Change over Time2018-02-24
Understanding an ecosystem means following changes in the abundances and identities of the species present as the clock ticks. The BioTIME database should help.
科学美国人:Seabird Feathers Reveal Less-Resilient Ocean2018-02-24
By analyzing 130 years of seabird feathers, researchers determined that food webs are losing complexity in the Pacificmdash;meaning less-resilient ecosystems. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Beetle Liberation Due to Regurgitation2018-02-21
The bombardier beetle can spray its hot brew of toxic chemicals even after bring swallowed, to force a predator into vomiting it back out.
科学美国人:Old Trees Are Ecosystem Gold2018-02-21
David Lindenmayer of the Australian National University College of Science in Canberra says that older trees play outsized roles in maintaining landscapes and ecosystems.
科学美国人:Boat Noise Means Fish Can't Learn Their Lessons2018-02-21
Damselfish had trouble learning to avoid predators, when that lesson was accompanied by a soundtrack of buzzing boat engines. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Woodpeckers Drum to Their Own Tunes2018-02-21
The length and spacing of woodpecker drum rolls varies enough to tell woodpeckers apartmdash;which could be useful to conservation biologists. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Woodpeckers Drum to their Own Tune2018-02-21
The length and spacing of woodpecker drum rolls varies enough to tell woodpeckers apart--which could be useful to conservation biologists. Christopher Intagliata reports.
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