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高频沙龙国际对话 第138期:健康建议(01)2018-05-20
You look tired. Did you sleep well last night? 你看起来很疲倦.昨晚睡得好吗? I stayed up all night writing a report.我昨晚熬了一个通宵,在写一份报告.
高频沙龙国际对话 第137期:抱怨加班2018-05-20
我真的筋疲力尽了,你知道吗,我已经有两周周末都在上班了.我的老板总叫我们加班.那你们老板给不给你们加班费? 不给.但是他给我们免费供餐,有时候还送点小礼物给我们.我们很多人都不喜欢这样,我们情愿要周末也不想留在办公室加班.
高频沙龙国际对话 第136期:抱怨噪音(04)2018-05-19
Do you think you could keep the noise down? 你可不可以声音小点? Im sorry. Am I keeping you awake? 对不起.我吵醒你了?
高频沙龙国际对话 第135期:抱怨噪音(03)2018-05-19
I wish you wouldnt play the TV so loud.我希望你不要把电视声音放得这么大.Sorry. Were you trying to sleep? 对不起.你是要睡觉吗?
高频沙龙国际对话 第134期:抱怨噪音(02)2018-05-18
You dont have to play that record so loud. do you? 唱片不用放这么大声吧,是不是? Im sorry. Has it been bothering you? 对不起.打扰到你了?
高频沙龙国际对话 第133期:抱怨噪音(01)2018-05-18
That radios pretty loud. Could you turn it down, please? 收音机声音太大了.请把声音调小些好吗? Sorry. Was I disturbing you? 对不起.我打搅到你了吗?
高频沙龙国际对话 第132期:祝贺中奖2018-05-17
I made a fortune.我发大财了.Wow! How did you make the fortune? 哇,你是如何发财的? I have just won a car![我刚才中奖得了一辆汽车.
高频沙龙国际对话 第131期:祝贺考入名牌学府2018-05-17
I have just had my new paper published.我发表了新的论文.You have done excellent work.你干得很出色.Im going to Britain.我要去英国.
高频沙龙国际对话 第130期:祝贺比赛获胜2018-05-16
I just heard that you won the long-distance race. Congratulations on your victory.我刚刚听说长跑比赛你获胜了.祝贺你胜利了!So it is really worth your great effort. And hope you can keep the record youve made today.
高频沙龙国际对话 第129期:祝贺升迁2018-05-16
I hear that you have been promoted. Congratulations on your promotion!我听说你高升了.祝贺你!Thank you, but I hate having to leave here and working abroad.谢谢你.我不愿意离开这儿到国外去工作.
高频沙龙国际对话 第128期:祝贺竞赛获胜2018-05-15
Congratulations on your success in the competition. That is quite something.祝贺你在比赛中获得胜利.大有作为.Thank you. I was lucky this time.谢谢你,这次我幸运罢了.
高频沙龙国际对话 第127期:称赞嗓音好2018-05-15
Alice, I never knew you had such a lovely voice. You really can sing, cant you? 艾丽斯,我不知道你有这么好的嗓.你唱得真不赖,不是吗?
高频沙龙国际对话 第126期:称赞着装(03)2018-05-14
Anna, that outfit looks wonderful on you! The color goes with your trousers perfectly.安娜,你穿那套衣服真好看.颜色和你裤子的颤色正好相配.
高频沙龙国际对话 第125期:称赞着装(02)2018-05-14
What a beautiful sweater!多漂亮的毛衫啊!Do you think it looks good on me? 你觉得我穿着漂亮吗? Yes, and it goes beautifully with your pants.是的,它和你的裤子搭在一起很漂亮.
高频沙龙国际对话 第124期:称赞着装(01)2018-05-13
I like your new skirt.我喜欢你的新裙子.Do you think it fits me? 你认为适合我穿吗?
高频沙龙国际对话 第123期:称赞装饰品2018-05-13
I love that vase.我很喜欢那个花瓶.Do you really like it? 你真的喜欢吗?
高频沙龙国际对话 第122期:称赞物品2018-05-12
Thats a very nice pair of glasses.那是一副非常漂亮的眼镜.Does it really look OK? 真的看起来还可以吗?
高频沙龙国际对话 第121期:遗忘物品致歉2018-05-12
Im terrible sorry. I seem to have mislaid your MP4.抱歉至极,我不知道把你的MP4放到哪里了.Dont worry about that.没关系.
高频沙龙国际对话 第120期:做事不妥致歉2018-05-11
Please forgive me for rushing into your room forgetting to knock at the door.请原谅,我忘了敲门就冲进了你的房间.
高频沙龙国际对话 第119期:缺少物品致歉2018-05-11
Good moming, sir. May I help you? 早上好,先生.能为您效劳吗? Yes, thank you. I want to get a handbag.是的,谢谢.我想买一个手提包.
高频沙龙国际对话 第118期:弄错物品致歉(02)2018-05-10
Oh, the ink is spilled on the desk.哦,墨水泼到书桌上了.Did it spill on your clothes? 洒到你的衣服上了吗? No, but the table cloth was dirty.没有,但是把桌布弄脏了.
高频沙龙国际对话 第117期:弄错物品致歉(01)2018-05-10
Im really sorry, but I seem to have misplaced your towel.真得很抱歉,我好像把你的毛巾放错地方了.Oh, thats all right.哦,没关系.
高频沙龙国际对话 第116期:打破物品致歉2018-05-09
I feel terrible, but Ive just broken your ashtray.很对不起,我刚把你的烟灰缸打破了.Its nothing to get upset about.不用为此担心.
高频沙龙国际对话 第115期:弄脏物品致歉2018-05-09
Im afraid I spilled coffee on the tablecloth.对不起我把咖啡洒在桌布上了.Oh, never mind. I am just going to do the laundry today.哦,没关系.我正好今天要洗衣服.
高频沙龙国际对话 第114期:遗失他人物品致歉2018-05-08
Im sorry, but I cant find the book you lent me. I guess I have lost it.很抱歉,我找不到你借给我的那本书了.我想我是给丢了.Dont worry about it.别担心了.
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