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看明星推特学英文 第347期:对柠檬有着爱恨交错的复杂情感2017-12-15
Elijah has a love/hate relationship with lemons.
看明星推特学英文 第346期:多涂一点软膏吧2017-12-15
Tummy itches. Dont scratch right? Just rub more cream...
看明星推特学英文 第345期:阿拉伯联合大公国将捐赠3千万美元2017-12-14
Incredible news: The UAE has made a $30M commitment to end polio for good.
看明星推特学英文 第344期:你无法期待一个不诚实的人会对你忠心2017-12-14
I love this quote: You cant expect loyalty from someone who cant even give you honesty...
看明星推特学英文 第343期:达里很明显的暗示2017-12-13
A not so subtle hint from Dali.
看明星推特学英文 第342期:再见了 打击犯罪的英雄2017-12-13
Goodbye, Crime Fighter. And thank you. Hanx
看明星推特学英文 第341期:强效的贵族式美容服务2017-12-12
Nuggets still feeling fab from her powerful glam session!
看明星推特学英文 第340期:今天是这首歌的发行七周年的纪念日喔2017-12-12
Today is the 7th anniversary of the release of ... #AllTheLovers You #lovers are the best!
看明星推特学英文 第339期:打扫时间2017-12-11
Cleaning Time #TheSimpleLife 打扫时间 #TheSimpleLife
看明星推特学英文 第338期:当你喝下Evian矿泉水2017-12-11
This is what happens when you drink @evianwater Cute baby! #Liveyoung #evianOversize
看明星推特学英文 第337期:我非常开心可以和罗素·克劳2017-12-10
It was great working with @RussellCrowe on #TheMummy (even though we were kicking each others ass).
看明星推特学英文 第336期:我现在正在听的歌曲2017-12-10
here are the tracks im listening to at the moment london grammar- big picture stromae- formidable lana
看明星推特学英文 第335期:谢谢您这么棒的邀请2017-12-09
@NIHDirector Thanks for a terrific visit. More Americans should know about NIH’s work
看明星推特学英文 第334期:他们又会唱歌2017-12-09
They can sing, they can dance, and they can kick! The @BackstreetBoys played Foot Flickers on my show.
看明星推特学英文 第333期:我喜欢所有运动2017-12-08
I support all sports Ill put ANY jersey from ANY pro team if Im whack for wearing jerseys they give me out of love then Im Whack
看明星推特学英文 第332期:比起前次大规模伊波拉病毒爆发2017-12-08
There has been incredible progress since the last Ebola outbreak. This is why we can’t let up.
看明星推特学英文 第331期:工厂的草地球场2017-12-04
Grass court prep at @evianwater factory #evianOversize
看明星推特学英文 第330期:我从来没有看过这么可怕的大楼2017-12-04
This is the scariest building Ive ever seen! WTF goes on inside? ? Hanx.
看明星推特学英文 第329期:不用去在意那些躲在2017-12-03
Dont worry about those who talk behind your back. Theyre behind you for a reason
看明星推特学英文 第328期:Let Go专辑就满15周年2017-12-03
This months the 15 year anniversary of Let Go! Heres a clip of the one that started it all- Complicated. THANK YOU to all my fans!
看明星推特学英文 第327期:这张照片好像翻唱90年代欧洲流行音乐2017-12-01
This looks like the cover album for a 90s europop duo. #EDbypetsmart
看明星推特学英文 第326期:对全国枪支暴力警醒日的支持2017-12-01
I will #WearOrange today in support of National Gun Violence Awareness Day.
看明星推特学英文 第325期:大家准备好了吗2017-11-30
You ready? @fentybeauty new generation of beauty... coming this FALL!
看明星推特学英文 第324期:香蕉泥和午睡2017-11-30
Likes: mashed bananas and naps. Dislikes: your attitude.
看明星推特学英文 第311期:这边开始专辑的制作喔2017-11-29
Beginning production this week for the album. Wahoo. Pouring my heart & soul into writing these new songs for you guys. Cant wait !
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